Lunch Menu

Served from 12pm to 3pm Monday to Saturday



Sandwiches, Wraps & Toasties


Our Sandwiches come with a Garnish of Salad,Coleslaw & Crisps   £5.95

Cheese, Pickle & Salad
Ham, Mustard Mayonnaise & Lettuce
Coronation Chicken & Lettuce
Egg, Cress & Lettuce
Brie, Bacon & Redcurrant
Cajun Chicken, Lettuce, Cheese & Mayonnaise Wrap
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Shredded Duck, Spring Onion, Cucumber & Lettuce Wrap
Minute Steak & Onion Sandwich  £6.45

Add a side of Fries or Soup   £2.50




Served with fries & salad   £8.95
Ham & Cheese
Cheese & Onion
Cheese & Mushroom
Potato, Chorizo, Onion & Cheese 


To Share


Baked Camembert for 2 to share with Garlic & Rosemary,
Red Onion Chutney & Bread v  £10.95
Bread & Olives: Rustic Bread for 2, Olive Oil & Balsamic & Olives v  £5.95
Platter for 2: Soup, Pate, Ham Bonbon, Smoked Salmon,
Deep Fried Brie, Chutney & Bread   £14



Our products may contain traces of nut, lacto or gluten. Our fish and meat dishes may contain part or
whole bone. v = vegetarian  A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to tables of 6 or more.